Discussion guidelines

The conversations we have here must be safe and respectful. That is a precondition to any creative and soulful process. This is my first responsibility as a supervisor, to make sure everyone is safe.

Part of safety is adherence to confidentiality

I encourage all of us to use the format: “If this were my client…”
That way our sharing includes taking responsibility while respecting other approaches. The listener is more able to remain open to new ideas without feeling they are told what to do.

Vulnerability and trust

Sharing deeply and honestly can be vulnerable and can be perceived as not so safe. A fine balance is required that is based on trust between us that is built over time.
Beyond that, any thought, insight, idea or question are welcomed. These can help a colleague see things in a new way or bring an opening to a case they find difficult. Writing down our thoughts and questions and presenting them to the group has also many potential benefits to both our personal process and to our growth as clinicians.