Trust is the glue of life.
It’s the most essential
ingredient in effective
It’s the foundational principle
that holds all relationships.

– Stephen Covey



As my supervisor, Rulik’s grounded wisdom and presence was equally as valuable to me as his strong clinical skills. He consistently supported me in turning a compassionate eye towards my own process and unfolding as a therapist, which I now know to be one of the most important things I can do to be of service to my clients.  

D.W., Berkeley, CA

Being seen

Being seen is important in any relationship but it is more so when you expect to be seen for who you are and the work you do in a setting such as being observed in a therapeutic work. I believe this made a difference in my work with Rulik that I felt I was “seen”, and that is priceless.

M.H., Crockett, CA

Exploration and growth

Supervision with Rulik was a weekly highlight during my internship. His wisdom, depth, curiosity, warmth and attentive presence gave me an incredible playground where I could explore and expand as a clinician and person. My time with Rulik was (and is) an invaluable gift. Supervision with Rulik was more than I even knew to ask for.  At the University of Rulik I got to soak up stories, knowledge, experience, wisdom, and depth.  I love how much I grew as a clinician and person during my time with Rulik. 

M.P., Oakland, CA

Encouraged awareness

From the beginning to the end of Group Supervision, Rulik embodied the rhythm, spaciousness, and inquiry for me to model on in co-facilitating a group of emotionally disregulated seniors. He encouraged my own somatic/emotional/intellectual awareness. Rulik’s apt and attuned answers and interventions and his insistence on safety, not only reduced my anxiety as a trainee, but reinforced and ignited my engaged hope as a group-leader.

S.B., Berkeley, CA

Deepening relationship

I am honored to have had the opportunity to work with Rulik. He holds a compassionate, nonjudgmental framework while also applying his skillful knowledge and clinical wisdom. Rulik taught me how to deepen the relationship with my clients while serving them with the most effective modalities in transpersonal and somatic psychology.

M.Z., Oakland, CA


In working with Rulik I learned to better manage my own judgements and emotions when working with more challenging clients. I found something to love about my clients, to see their underlying child who was in need of care. This led to profound work and healing in my opinion. 

M.C., Durham, NC

Being vulnerable in safe space

I worked with Rulik as my clinical supervisor during my practicum. What he provided me with during that fairly vulnerable time of individual and professional development was a sense of safety to explore the rough edges of what I didn’t yet know, hadn’t yet learned, rather than a forum for sharing what I was already confident about. To make the best use of a supervision space, I had to be open, shame-free, and willing to reveal my missteps and uncertainties in earnest–not easy for me. Rulik not only earned the trust that made this opening possible for me, he gave helpful, insightful, smart and compassionate guidance that has ultimately made me a much better therapist.

L.G., LMFT, Oakland, CA

Connecting to Truth

I was in group supervision with Rulik for all of my practicum and most of my internship. Rulik’s supervisory style can be summed up by the Rumi quote “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” A storytelling trance leader, Rulik helped me find my style and myself as a clinician but in a way that weaves me securely into my lineage, past and present, of other mystical, compassionate soul spelunkers. He has a way of helping people connect to a truth that’s both inside them and that transcends them, at once.

L.B., Oakland, CA

Integrating Awareness into the Practice

Rulik’s approach to supervision is profound and provocative. He manages to balance scrupulous attention to detail, addressing concrete building blocks of therapy such as word choice and body language, with more ineffable, experiential practices and modes of awareness such as trance work. More than anything, I found his approach holistic, almost to a disorienting degree at first—he worked with me as a complete individual, mobilizing aspects of my experience and knowledge that (I thought) had nothing to do with therapy, but which ultimately allowed me to feel integrated, grounded, and confident in my work.

D.W., Brattleboro, VT

Safety First

Supervision with Rulik has been as profoundly healing and beneficial for me and my clients as any therapeutic guidance I’ve had.Rulik works in a direct and personal way. Using the adage, “Safety First,” he emphasizes pacing, resourcing, and connection as the ground on which good therapy occurs. He also integrates many tools and philosophical approaches from a vast and varied background.That said, Rulik’s “speciality” cannot be encapsulated in an acronym, or the letters behind his name (although he has those, too). It is his kindness, integrity, and lifetime of deep personal work that create the special and sustained impact of supervision with Rulik.

T.S., Berkeley, CA