In our work as therapists, we regularly encounter new situations that prompts us to ask: “What should I do?”

Often, there is little in our training that prepared us for the specific setting we are facing.
The spirit of the American Pioneer says: “Don’t just sit there! Do something!” while the Buddhist traditions suggests: “Don’t just do something. Sit there!”

I believe that a seasoned therapist can chose between these two basic approaches in every new situation. However, he who has a hammer, sees every problem as a nail. Meaning, our choice of action is often limited to the tools in our toolbox.

This training series is aimed at expanding the therapeutic toolbox, so that when faced with a choice of intervention, you can have more options to choose from. These training are independent. You can participate in many or only in one.
Trainings will take place on the second Saturday of each month, 10am-12:30pm, starting 11-Dec-2021. The fee for each training is $40. If you wish to participate in a training and the fee represents a hardship for you, please let me know and we’ll find an arrangement that can work for you.

The following are some of the topics. All of these tools can be incorporated into any modality or basic therapeutic philosophy you are coming from. The emphasis is on learning procedures that can serve in many situations. Naturally, I will present things with a bias towards the world views I feel at home in, however, I am not strictly adhering to any modality. When choosing the next topic, I will take into account the participants feedback and wishes.

–  Using scaling to help with anxiety and depression.                                          1/8/2022
–  Focusing: Learning to communicate with the felt sense. (Eugene Gendlin)     2/12/2022
–  Parts work: tools from Voice Dialogue, IFS and Big Mind.                                3/12/2022
–  Pendulation: From Peter Levine and SE. Use for creating safety and managing pain.
–  Couple Therapy: introduction to Non-Violent Communication
–  Talking about S.E.X.
–  Ericksonian trance work. Introduction.
–  The “Work” of Byron Kathy: a soulful form of CBT.
–  Introduction to dream work – and seeing the therapy session as a dream
–  Working with Shame – learning to recognize it and calling it by name (Inspired by the work of Bret Lyon and Sheila Rubin)

These training are not intended to be a lecture. Rather an experiential exchange where you will learn practical skills.
All trainings include a demonstration, where I will work with one of the participants. This is followed by practice work in dyads or triads as needed. The goal is to acquire a new tool that you can use right away in your practice.

In each of these trainings, there will be an opportunity to connect the topic to the current challenges we are facing with the pandemic, with working remotely and with the growing stress and confusion around us.

Before each session I will send to all participants some more information and references, along with the zoom link.
The number of participants in each training is limited to 12.
Every training is an independent unit. There is no requirement to attend previous sessions.

If you wish to register or have some questions, please use the contact page to write me and specify which trainings your are interested in.

Looking forward to meeting you in these workshops.